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The Price The Price

Rated 5 / 5 stars

best game ever made probably definitely

Mouse Maze: No Mouse 4 Mouse Maze: No Mouse 4

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

It was kind of okay as a game, but it sort of just pissed me off how you had no idea where you were. I know it was completely intentional, but that is just bad design, when the player loses they will always think that it was the game's fault (and it is) that they lost because they can't see.

also putting in a way for people to cheat is just bad, don't do that :(

Kolumbo responds:

That is the point...

Twin Shot Twin Shot

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This game has some obvious charms but at the same time has many minor stumbles throughout the game that add up. I`d liken it to watching a very adorable play put on by some 3rd graders.

First of all, I love the art in this game. Nitrome always has the artistic department so well handled, it saddens me whenever i see a flash game with this creative sense of style and clear skill mishandled by poor design or controls.

The controls in this game are not impossible to use, but awkward. Like standing on one foot while cooking pancakes. The friction whenever you make a turn is awful and leads me to blaming the game for my missteps rather than my own lack of skill. and the wall climbing is awful. You have to shoot an arrow into the wall during a jump, but you can only jump onto the arrow you just shot if you shot it during the middle period of your jump which zips by quicker than Lance Armstrong`s hyper oxygenated blood.

The gameplay itself I also found to be a bit mundane. While fun, it never finds the correct mixture of mechanics to actually make itself a 100% enjoyable experience. I`ll admit some parts were genuinely pretty cool, like the feeling when you peg an enemy on your first arrow from half a map away, but these moments are made pointless when you can waltz basically anywhere in the screen and hit an enemy point blank. The enemies were where i was especially let down. Whenever i saw a new sprite i thought ``Wow! That guy looks pretty awesome, I wonder what he does?" which always lead to "Oh...he just takes more hits to kill and moves a bit faster".

Though this game was a bit hard to play it did have some high points, I hope that for the next game if you make something like this would be to improve the controls and also to make the levels feel a bit more rewarding and challenging.

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Arise Arise

Rated 0 / 5 stars

"This is not a game and this is not a test. I put this here to test you."

Come on.

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Memohuntress Memohuntress

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Played a good half of it, hated every moment of it.

Ok, so i have honestly no idea why you would even choose to make this into a game. I would compare this game to one of those "Meet and Fuck" games where you click on the buttons and then get sex, But in this game instead of sex you get a smug, contrived, masturbatory story.

And i will justify 100% of that.

1st of all, the "Gameplay" :
The gameplay in this is apprehensible, there is so little reason to it that i question its existence. For starters, You walk around an enclosed area and click on things to either pick them up or trigger a 1 button puzzle to get an object. That alone is downright offensive to the player. You placed all these objects (by the way, too fucking many per level) into these impossibly hard to spot spots where it either blends to the background, or where the foreground makes it where you can only see it from one angle. I understand, you must think this is challenging. Its not. Its frustrating as hell. to have to find one more rose in a med-sized level, might as well be a needle in a haystack. and you turned it into a game of hide-and-go-seek that you see on flash sites for the Teletubbies. Ah! but you did add ways to interact with the creatures to swap it up a bit. These work better than the rest of the fetch quest items, but still hardly work as any kind of entertaining gameplay. they boil down to "click that guy" or "walk there, then.... WALK THERE" they give 0 satisfaction, and even if they did they comprise about 2% of most levels.

Now at the start i was already antagonized by the mechanics in the game. Then...I found out what the hint button did. And it was one of THE WORST things you could ever put in a point and click adventure game. To make already menial gameplay even more meaningless really speaks volumes on how much you actually cared about the game itself. The point of puzzles is that you are supposed to feel like you overcame a trail with your own mental ability (even though there is none required here) or even with observation skills, like finding roses and scrolls. For you to put in a button that does all that for you tells me that you honestly did not give one shit about the gameplay. That is like Miyamoto putting a button in Mario that auto does the level for you, or feature in Street Fighter that makes it that if you are low on health you just take out a gun and shoot the other guy. In short the game itself is a failure.

2nd The story:

The story in this is so pretentious and "in-your-face" that it makes me want to punch a hole in my screen whenever cutscene appears. It also does not make any sense, but its fantasy so i know that you would use that to defend yourself. So i'm just going to say that the story, is just awful and unsubtle and cringe-inducing as fuck. For a serious story you can't just layer every cutscene with the emotion-inducing stuff. You have to let characters develop and make the audience care about them before you can really use that connection to make them feel an emotion. To you : The author, you must have developed all these characters yourself and have already made all these quriks that you love about them, and therefore already feel a connection with them. We don't. so please don't throw us into these situations where you just expect us to feel something by raping us with emotional scenes or music.

3rd The art:

The art was actually pretty good, I have no shame in admitting that. But my problem with it is that there was no central style to all the art. For example, the trees and stuff in the first world were very well defined and detailed done in a painterly style along with most of the trees and whatnot, while the stuff that your character walks on for the most part has a hand-drawn, cell-shaded look. which makes the whole thing look off. The art is pretty good you just have to try to keep a consistent style.

Of course even with the art, i am still giving this 0, because i grade games on the experience i had with them and i absolutely hated this game, good luck on your future projects :D

SpikeVallentine responds:

You're a genius! Now I know how to make the perfect game! Thank you so much Pillowsurfermikko!

Colour My World Colour My World

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

i don't really know why this is so revered, i mean the message is so heavy handedly delivered that it just makes me cringe. The entire game seems to be walking, and before you tell em that that's part of the game and the message. No, games can tell stories and deliver messages and still have amazing and fun gameplay. games should always be captivating and make me want to play. which this game definitely does not do. The game is basically telling me " Walk until the end, and feel something" which I really hate and it undermines all the people that actually work hard to get people lost in the worlds of their games.

so in the future try to deliver the message with a bit more ease and actually make it fun to play

Ace Pilot Ace Pilot

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I honestly do not understand why you would even make this a game, what's the point, I'm sure hard work went into both, but really what was the reasoning behind taking a pretty funny movie and just fragmenting it with tiresome gameplay inbetween them, i only made it to the 3rd cutscene before calling "bullshit" and quitting.

The rewarding part of playing a game is supposed to be either the satisfaction/fun from playing it, or the feeling of accomplishment that you get when finishing a really hard level, and these levels are not hard they are just tedious. The reward definitely should not be a small funny cutscene that should have just been released as a regular movie. So in the future either work on making the gameplay actually fun, or just make a movie instead, i've already said the cutscenes i saw were solid

I'll give you 6 for the cutscenes alone but if i was in a bitchey mood right now (which i kind of am because i rage quit), i'd blam this.

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EldritchAbomination responds:

"I honestly do not understand why you would even make this a game"

We've had people love the game, like the game, think it's ok, not like it, and just outright hate it. It's for those first few groups that we even made this a game. Sorry you didn't like this one, hopefully you'll enjoy the next one. It should be a little more traditional for a flash game

Defend Your Trump Defend Your Trump

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very original and fun

i honestly don;t know what other people are complaining about
its simple as hell and very easy to pick up right away with all this extra stuff that adds a new layer of complexity to it

but for constructive criticism you should probably make a less steep difficulty curve
also you have way too many lives
my guess is that you realized that the game was too hard so you just decided to give the player a shit ton of lives

Wonderputt Wonderputt

Rated 5 / 5 stars


you managed to something i thought impossible
make a game of golf where i didn't care if i won or lost

Run Elephant Run Run Elephant Run

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I qoute(GRAMMAR)

I have watched many music videos but this is the first music gameo i have ever played

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